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Mediation – it is a voluntary process in which parties in dispute utilize the services of a neutral third party called the mediator to facilitate discussion between them with a view to their achieving a settlement acceptable to them.

Divorce mediation is about you and your soon to be ex-spouse deciding your own divorce and what is best for the both of you and most importantly, your children.  In mediation, you and your spouse meet with a neutral third party, the mediator, and with his/her help, you work through the issues you need to resolve so the two of you can end your marriage as amicably and cost effective as possible.  The issues covered include but is not limited to the following:

 √ Distribution / division of property (assets / liabilities)

 √ Parental responsibilities and rights

 √ Visitation rights

 √ Maintenance – child / spousal

Parents not married can also utilize the process of mediation to resolve the issues regarding the children.

Why choose mediation – promotes open discussions;  builds relationships between parents for future communication;  empower parents;  builds confidentiality;  decision making by parties and not the court;  cost effective comparing to litigation;  quicker and easier than litigation;  parties are in control of the process;  informal process;  parties can choose the time for the cessions;  combination of issues to be discussed and settled together – in comparison to litigation where various forums are involved;  to prepare a workable parenting plan.

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